What Everyone Should Know About KIK's Cryptocurrency 'Kin'

On September 12, 2017, KIK Interactive, a mobile messaging application based in Ontario Canada, plans to release 1 trillion of its 10 trillion kin cryptocurrency units on the market over the course of the sale. Currently, 488 Billion ($50 million) units have already been sold to selective investors and other venture capital firms, while the other 512 Billion ($75 million) units will be sold on Sept. 12 for a total cash infusion of $125 million.

This all sounds interesting, but what is cryptocurrency?


The word cryptocurrency is not necessarily a common knowledge term. Interestingly enough, the vast public actually knows of such a currency, Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset used as a medium of exchange, and is classified as a subset of digital currency. The only way to exchange this type of asset is through the means of 'cryptography.' This is a fancy word used to describe a technique for creating a secure means of communication in the presence of a third party (encryption). A means of protecting privacy. This comes with a lot of scrutiny due to the vast use in the black market due to the untraceable aspects.


While cryptocurrency is THE biggest gamble in terms of investments, it has the ability to create enormous gains in minutes, or create the biggest losers in seconds, unlike stocks. They are extremely volatile. While the impulse to buy big and be in the market at the earliest is high, it's not ever worth pushing all of ones chips in at one time. So definitely take note and head the WARNINGS!

This makes the price of Kin extremely cheap. With roughly 300 million subscribers and 15 million monthly users, Kin is projected to be the most used cryptocurrency on the web, making it a prime investment avenue for users and business individuals. This makes the opening price of Kin just under .00015/unit ($1,000 = ~6,575,000 Kin).

"Kik is by far the largest consumer company to enter the cryptocurrency space, and this is a seminal moment for the industry," ~ Ryan Zurrer (Principal & Venture Partner)

While there are roughly just over 850 cryptocurrencies on today's market, none of them have the type of power Kin does. With a massive subscriber base, Kin promises to be the most widely used currency for online services, commerce, and other transaction uses.

"In the future, users will be able to earn Kin by providing value to other members of the Kik digital community through curation, content creation, and commerce. There are a bunch of ways to earn it: You could watch ads, you could host a great group chat, create a great sticker, build a great bot.," ~ The KIK Company

During KIK's brief online currency experiment, it's currency was moving 300,000 times per day, which was more than 10X that of bitcoin.

The thing is that everything points in the right direction for KIK Interactive. It is the largest social platform that is implementing a virtual currency that has the ability to rival that of Bitcoin. But even with that being said, there is a lot of risk and volatility. I write this with great restraint. Even for me, the temptation to purchase a huge quantity of this virtual currency is extremely high. But I rather be safe than sorry, and err on the side of caution.