The Top 5 KIK Usernames Finder On The Internet

KIK Messenger is one of the world's leading messaging applications on the internet. It is a freeware mobile app created by a Canadian company to allow its users to communicate without users wasting their own data. One of the driving forces behind the apps popularity has also been the subject to much needed scrutiny, and that is the preservation of anonymity. KIK does not draw mobile information from its users, rather simple IP address information from what server the individual user is coming from.

Unlike WhatsApp though, KIK draws its appeal from a much younger demographic. It's an application that provides several benefits such as an app that provides safe haven over a users data. So users do not have to worry about going over monthly data plans. It also allows instant communication with very little drop signal. It protects each end user so that certain information cannot be gathered about the one on the other line. But also, individuals do not have say who they are. For all people know, they are talking to bots.

It's pretty fair to state that this apps main function is to provide a instant communications outlet for horny adolescent and young adult going thru those "growing pains."

It's... for sexting... and sex... Do not forget the sex.

Anyway, these horny little minions do not necessarily have the right infrastructure to gain access to different usernames. They either want to add their username to a directory (to be found) or want to search for kik users that are very specific to their "needs." With the rise in "popularity" of the mobile messaging application has brought an influx from developers to create online username directories for users searching criterion such as: kik girls, kik guys, lesbian kik, gay kik, straight kik, kik chat, kik friends, and much more.

That is why we decided to put together the top 5 kik username directories on the internet. The goal was in the simplicity, what allowed us to finder people easier and faster. We weren't necessary ranking them from the best to worst, rather what 5 websites bring most variety to their kik subscribers.

1. Find KIK Usernames
Homepage to Find KIK Usernames ( Locate friends to chat with on the online mobile app using the most advanced kik search toolbar.

While we are biased to our website, it does contain the only multi-filter search criterion. This allows users to more thoroughly search their kik database for defined usernames. This makes it in the top 10 because it is the only kik usernames database website that allows its users to search utilizing this multi-function tool. In order to upload your username, you are required to import all required information so the search filters are useful. The website also contains a user forum allowing its users to communicate directly.

2. KIKpals

This website has a very nice user interface unlike most other websites. It allows its users to delete themselves from their database which many do not offer up front. They also employ and separate their filters in the navigation bar.

3. KIKBase

KIKBase offers its users a rating upon the amount of time and use they spend on their website. While like most other website, KIKbase allows its users to chat directly to bots as well as achieve status by the amount of 'thumbs up' a user attains by registering. It has a pretty dynamic interface with nice visual colors.

4. KIKFriender

KIKFriender is a very unique website. It really isn't visually enticing at first glance but it provides its users with very unique content. Unlike the other kik finder platforms, this website provides its users a way to meet locals nearby using Google Maps targeting users IP addresses. Those that import their usernames on this website consent to allowing the website to utilize their IPs. Which is genius to those users that want to interact with others much closer. What sets this website apart from its opponents is the utility of Google Maps in determining the location of nearby users. Very useful website.

5. Our Teen Network

Our Teen Network provides its users a website that shows its actual KIK user profile online. KIK users are able to chat online and allowed to upload photos directly to their gallery. They also have a forum, a much more simple, but eloquent forum that gets directly to the point. Users can just upload their comment and move on.

These websites all provide a little different avenue from one another. After looking through 30 different kik username finder websites, these were the only online kik finder tools that had some sort of differential criterion to the others. While many of the other interactive messenger app kik finders had varying user interfaces and dynamic pages that made it more aesthetically pleasing, they in essence contained the same headers and filters. Nothing else really stood out amongst the other websites. But if you are looking to diversify, it doesn't hurt uploading your user profile to all the other platforms that exist.


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